Your Latest Guide On Insurance For Carpet Cleaning Business


It is not always possible for a house owner to clean the carpets in his or her home by himself or herself. The house members may not find time to do so or the cleaning may not be perfect as is being done by professional cleaners.
If you engage a professional cleaner to clean your carpet without insurance and if your carpet is damaged by them, then you cannot claim for the damage for want of insurance. Let us see the importance and facilities of carpet cleaning services.

Business Insurance for Carpet Cleaners:

Owning and operating a carpet cleaning business keeps you busy always. People who engage you for carpet cleaning trust you and your company for keeping their homes clean. Carrying an insurance for carpet cleaning business will not only increase the trust of the people have on your company but also it will protect your business in many ways. There are a good number of insurance companies to insure your business and they offer insurance quotes for carpet cleaning business to enable you to select the best one at affordable prices.

Types of Carpet Insurance:

Bodily Injury Coverage:

General liability insurance for carpet cleaning provide cover to bodily injury protection to your customers. This insurance also protects you from lawsuits filed against you for the bodily injury sustained by your customers. For instance, you might have just waxed a wooden floor of the home of a customer and if the customer falls and gets injured, then this coverage will meet the medical expenses.

Property Damage Coverage:

While undertaking a carpet cleaning job in a customer's home, you might accidentally damage a customer's property. This coverage is applicable wherever you perform the services.
It may be your business premises or customer's residence. It is also possible that the customer's carpet might be damaged while cleaning and this coverage will meet the necessary repair charges.

Products and Completed Operations:

This coverage can be included in your general liability insurance or acquired as a separate insurance coverage. Problems may arise from the products you sell. For instance, a customer may become sick due to using of your cleaning product. This coverage will take care of the medical bills of the customer. This type of insurance provides cover for any physical or property damages that happens after the completion of your cleaning services.

Personal and Advertising Injury:

There may be instances that some customers, competitors, suppliers and others claim personal and advertising injury and this type of insurance will come to your rescue on these occasions. For example, a competing cleaning company may claim that you have slandered them by an advertisement in a public magazine. This insurance coverage will meet the resulting court expenses and damage claims, if the charges are proved.

Damage to the Rented Premises:

You might have rented a storage or warehouse for storing your carpet cleaning machineries and other equipment. This rental liability insurance will protect the building, you use for your business purposes. You may cause damage to the structure of the rented building and this coverage will meet the repair charges. Even you may be careful, but a fire accident or a natural disaster may damage the building you have rented out.
Therefore, this is an important coverage for a carpet cleaning business.

Carpet Insurance Cost:

As far as cost of insurance for carpet cleaning business is concerned, it is not always possible to assess the cost with cent percent accuracy. It depends upon the machineries used as these insurance coverages are tailored to the business needs. In general, a general liability insurance may cost a carpet cleaning business somewhere between $360 and $750 per year with a policy limit of $ 2 million. A business owners policy package with general liability and commercial property insurance may cost between $1041 and $1675 per year for a 2 million dollar coverage.


Carpet cleaning service keeps the customers happy by their sincere efforts in cleaning the carpets and rugs. They should not be be penalised for damages caused by their workers. This can be prevented by buying a proper carpet cleaning business insurance.