Get Free Insurance Quotes For Small Cleaning Business


For a small cleaning business, you require license and bank account to start with and next step is to buy a liability insurance.
Liability insurance is a requirement for a commercial cleaning. Liability insurance is essential for any small business and cleaning business is no exception. While undertaking the cleaning work, you may damage a customer's property. A proper business insurance will provide cover to your business.

Insurance for Small Cleaning Business:

Do you need insurance to start a small cleaning business? Yes. Small cleaning business insurance is essential whether you work in a cleaning company or do it on a sole proprietor basis. Suppose someone sues your business for slip and fall injury after you cleaned up his or her home and wooden floor and the court orders you to pay compensation suggesting a huge amount. It is not possible for you to pay from your own pocket. A general liability insurance will help cover the damages or medical bills.

You may be wondering what are the coverages, you may need for your small cleaning business. Let us discuss about it in detail.

General Liability Insurance:

This is also named as "slip and fall insurance". In your line of work, slips, falls and the like are real occurrences and a visitor or the owner of the house may be injured due to a slip and fall on a cleaned and waxed wooden floor. Your business may be sued for damages. This insurance will provide necessary financial coverage. This policy will come to your rescue over

● Third party injuries
● Property damage caused by your cleaning work
● Advertising injury due to a defamatory
statement about your competitor in any social media.

Business Owners Policy:

Your cleaning business might be equipped with vacuum cleaners, buffers, protective equipment and cleaning materials and they need insurance protection against theft, vandalism, fire and certain weather events. Business owners policy will bundle out both property and general liability insurance and protect your assets.

Workers Compensation Insurance:

For an organised cleaning business, manpower is very important and you might have employes a few persons for this cleaning business. Their interests are to be protected and you need a workers compensation insurance for this purpose. You are aware that injuries are common to the employees engaged in cleaning work. This type of insurance will meet the medical expenses of the injured employees on the job.

If the injured employees choose to sue you, then this insurance will provide necessary help to proceed with the court case. If the employees are unable to work for a short period due to the injuries sustained by them, this insurance will also compensate for the loss of income.

There may be some more types of cleaning business insurance, which may be the specific needs of the nature of your business. An experienced agent will guide you to get the right cleaning business insurance that suits your needs.

Insurance Costs:

Small cleaning business insurance cost is influenced by a number of factors such as the type of work you do, the size of your company, record of accidents, etc.
It also depends upon the facts whether you do window cleaning also along with small cleaning business. Accordingly, the insurance companies will provide you insurance quotes for small cleaning business.

A general liability insurance policy may cost $1000 or less for a year coverage. A $ one million policy may usually costs $300 to $1000 per year. Whereas, a $ 2 million policy may cost between $500 and $1300 per year. As told already, these are only rough estimates and the rates can vary from company to company and they are also based on your business location.

As you are aware that courts in some States may award higher damages in case of personal injuries and property damages and these factors will also be taken into consideration by the insurance companies while assessing the premium rates.


Do not think that small cleaning business can be done without risk. Each and every business has its own risks and they have to be faced only with a proper insurance coverage.