Get Your Small Cleaning Business Insurance In 2018


Any business needs business insurance and cleaning business is no exception.
In fact, cleaning business involves different types of risks. This is because they are working in the places and homes owned by third parties. These workers use vehicles for transportation of cleaning materials and highly technical equipment, in carrying out their works.

Importance of Cleaning Business Insurance:

Your cleaning company might have more employees and hence this size is directly proportional to your exposure to risks. You will be cleaning more houses, offices and other places and your proportion of risk will also be higher. Your employees are more prone to accidents and accusations. Small cleaning business insurance is therefore very much essential for your business.

Insurance companies have provisions to insure cleaning companies ranging from one maid cleaning a couple of homes or a fleet of employees serving more clients. Small cleaning business insurance protects your business and is responsible for your long term success. You can get small cleaning business insurance quotes from the insurance companies directly or through their websites.

Coverage and Plans:

As regards to the small cleaning business insurance coverage and plans, the common coverage includes

● Personal property coverage
● Employee dishonesty
● Crime insurance
● General liability insurance
● Vehicle insurance coverage
● Umbrella insurance coverage
● Workers compensation insurance
● Professional indemnity insurance for cleaners.

Cleaning Business Insurance Policies:

Whatever be the type of your cleaning business, having the right insurance will protect your from the lawsuits, if something goes wrong. Just like other business, cleaning business require general liability and property insurance. These two can be purchased separately or as a package policy called business owners policy. Since the cleaning business also involves vehicles, commercial vehicle insurance is also essential.

If your business employs maids, carpet cleaners, janitors and other personnel, then you need workers compensation insurance to protect the interests of your employees. You can consider a commercial umbrella policy, which will extend the coverages of general liability and commercial auto insurance. Umbrella policies will meet the expenses when the liability claims exceed the limits of your existing insurance coverages. Some companies may need surety bonds as a requirement of cleaning contract and in this case the cleaning companies might be bonded.

How Insurance Cover?

General liability insurance covers the expenses related to bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties in your business premises. This type of policy is important for cleaning businesses, as they directly work in the places of customers and there is every possibility of the properties of the clients getting damaged or your employees or customers getting injured by slip and fall.

Commercial property insurance will protect the properties of your cleaning business when they are damaged by any means. You might be using expensive equipment for cleaning purposes and these are to be necessarily protected from damages, theft, etc.

Business Owners Policy:

This is an affordable policy for any business as this is a combination of both general liability policy and commercial property insurance into one discounted package.
Additionally, this policy also includes business interruption insurance, which will cover the loss of income when your business faces financial loss by a covered peril.

Commercial Auto Insurance:

Without vehicles, no cleaning function can function. These vehicles have to carry specialised equipment for carpet cleaning and other purposes. These drivers are to be protected as there can be accidents involving your vehicles. Damage to public or private properties can also happen due to these accidents. Commercial auto insurance will protect you from these medical expenses and repair charges.

Workers compensation:

This insurance is also essential when your employees are injured while on the job and to meet the wage losses, your employees incur, due to injuries and hence absence from work.


One should not take the cleaning business lightly as it also face many risks as any other business. Business insurance is absolutely essential and buy the same immediately and safeguard your business as well as your workers.