Get Your Commercial General Liability Insurance Average Cost At Home


For any business general liability insurance is the most wanted type.
This provides cover to your business against lawsuits, legal costs and medical claims. Let us see the details of this useful coverage and its cost in the following paragraphs.

Importance of General Liability Insurance:

General liability insurance protects the assets of a business and pays for other obligations such as medical costs, property damages and the like. If some visitor to your business hurts himself or herself by a slip on the floor of your business premises, you are responsible for this injury. General liability insurance will cover the medical expenses of the injured. Similarly you or your employees may damage the property of a client either in your workplace or at client’s place and this insurance coverage will take care of the repairs or replacement of the property.

Sometimes, you may have to face lawsuits claiming for the damages done to third parties by your acts or due to any mishap in your premises. You can expect these legal costs and claims to be higher and you cannot manage from your resources.

General liability insurance will save you from these legal costs and other damage claims. This will also protect you against the liability caused to the building rented by you by fire or other covered loss. If someone is affected by your misleading advertisement or libel or slander, this insurance coverage will take care of the liability claims.

How much General Liability Insurance Cost?

As far as commercial general liability insurance average cost is concerned, it lies between $500 and $600 per year in general. But, the cost is basically determined on the factors of risks and exposures as faced by any business. The risks are to be ascertained and accepted by the insurer for determining the liability insurance premium cost.
For instance a contractor will have to pay significantly more than an accountant who discharges his or her work from office or home towards commercial general liability insurance cost.

General liability insurance premium costs are not the same for every business and there is no one size fit. This is because each business is unique and has different kinds of risks to be faced. If you are running a big retail store, then public traffic will be more to your business premises and chances of the visitors getting injured on the wet floor or icy approach paths to your shop. In this case you may require more liability coverage limits and naturally the cost will be on the higher side.

The commercial general liability insurance cost USA is usually determined by the answers you provide to the questions posed by the insurers. You may have to answer about the period of your business, the industry to which your business belongs, number of customers and employees, annual revenue, number of claims and the like.

In general, the following are the commercial general liability insurance cost for the types of business listed below.

● Hair Salon/Barber shop--------------$450 per year on an average
● Cable/Satellite Dish Installation----$550 per year on an average
● Small retail store-----------------------$750 per year on an average
● Computer repair store----------------$400 per year on an average
● IT contractor ----------------------------$483 per year on an average towards general liability insurance and the medium general liability insurance cost for the same IT contractor is quoted as $425 per year.

These costs may be higher or lower depending upon the volume and size of the business.

Actually, the business industry to which you belong will have a great impact in the determination of commercial general liability insurance cost by the insurance providers. A business that deals with bricks and mortar retailers will attract more people and may have to pay more than a home based accountant. Similarly janitors, construction businesses and manufacturers have to pay more costs as the risks involved in these businesses are much higher.


You should understand that there is no specific cost towards any business insurance type and it will vary according to the business type and it is also based on several factors.