Where To Get Small Business Insurance Michigan Easily


Whether your business is an established one or has just been started,
you must understand business insurance is very much essential to protect your business and business assets. You may feel that business insurance may be costly. When you confront with some lawsuits against your business and spend a lot of money on claims, you will understand how important business insurance is. Let us see how business insurance works in Michigan.

Michigan Small Business Insurance: Small businesses Michigan play an important role in promoting business and providing employment to a larger group of people. There are several types of small business insurance Michigan offered by small business insurance companies in Michigan and we shall discuss some of the prominent coverages here.

General Liability Insurance:

This type of insurance is given the top priority by small business owners and it provides security and protection for the business owners from financial burdens that arise due to acts of negligence or omissions or both done by the workers or employers that had resulted in injuries to third parties or property damages.

Contractual liabilities, liabilities from goods sold and accidents that occur in business premises and the like are covered under general liability insurance.

Such accidents and injuries may be unintentional. But, as a business owner you are responsible for whatever happens in your business premises. This policy is available as a single one or can be combined with other business insurance policies.

Business Owners Policies (BOP) in Michigan:

This is a bundle of policies that may include property insurance and general liability. Moreover, some more business insurance coverages can be included in BOP and as such this is a convenient and affordable small business insurance MI. The most common coverages provided by a BOP include liability claims, important documents, destroyed equipment, disaster by fire, employee dishonesty, money, property liability and the like. You can customize BOP to include more coverages which your business may need.

Commercial Property Insurance in Michigan:

Any business will have the assets such as furniture, building, materials, equipment, inventory and much more. All these properties will be protected by this insurance coverage, when they are destroyed or lost by any type of natural disaster or by theft and vandalism. The retail businesses, manufacturing businesses, business that provide services and the like will be safe under the hands of this insurance type.

Workers Compensation Insurance in Michigan:

Any business with employees need this type of insurance coverage to protect the employees from work related illness and injuries. This insurance coverage is required in almost all States by law for small businesses with employees. This coverage will meet the medical expenses of the employees injured or those, who fell sick while on the job. It will also compensate the loss of wages of the employees, if any.

Commercial Auto Insurance:

Almost all businesses may need vehicles for transportation purposes. The vehicles may be owned or leased in or rented. Commercial auto insurance will provide insurance cover, if the drivers are injured or the vehicles are damaged in accidents or third party properties are damaged. This insurance is applicable to those employees, who use their own vehicles for business purposes.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage in Michigan:

If any unexpected catastrophic event occurs or some lawsuits are filed involving larger claims against any business, then the general liability and other coverages may not be sufficient to provide necessary coverage as the expenses in these circumstances may exceed the covered limit. In such cases, an umbrella insurance coverage will provide extended coverage and save your business assets from ruins.

Besides the above, there are more types of business insurances such as business interruption insurance, errors and omissions insurance coverage, professional liability insurance, employment practices liability insurance and much more. The small businesses that need such types of insurance coverages may do so with the consultancy from experienced insurance agents.

Michigan Small Business Health Insurance:

Finding a small business health insurance Michigan or small business group health insurance Michigan is easy and in fact, it is really hard to establish a business. Almost all leading insurance companies offer small business health insurance Michigan to the businesses with 2 to 50 employees on payroll.
The small businesses can offer health insurance to the employees and the types of insurance are individual health insurance or group insurance. All essential health benefits are offered under such small business health insurance plans Michigan.

Individual health plans are purchased by individuals to cover themselves and families. Special tax incentives are available to businesses and employees, when employees purchase individual health insurance.

Small business group health insurance Michigan are a form of employer sponsored health coverage. The insurance premium costs are shared by the employer and the employees and the coverage can be extended to the dependents. In certain cases, self employed persons may also become eligible for group health insurance coverage plans. There can be tax advantages to group health insurance. Employer contribution towards a small business health insurance Michigan are tax deductible in general and the employees can also save payroll taxes.

According to federal laws, whatever be the pre-existing health conditions of the employees, no insurance company should reject health insurance for an employee. Suppose an employee is losing health insurance coverage due to losing of job or if he or she changes the job and on a waiting period, then there are federal health programs that will help. Through COBRA health scheme, your health insurance coverage can be extended upto 18 months or till you enter into a new health insurance coverage.

Small Business Insurance Lansing Michigan:

Small business insurance Lansing Michigan is offered to all types of businesses. These types include general liability insurance, tools and equipment coverage, builder's risk for contractors, workers compensation, commercial auto insurance and much more. There are many specialist insurance companies and agencies to understand the risks faced by the small business in Lansing and offer tailored insurance coverages to suit any type of business.


As a business owner, you are aware of the absolute necessity of small business insurance. Fortunately, insurance companies offer insurance coverages designed for your business and do not fail to avail them and remain secured.