Why You Need To Know About Small Business Insurance Oregon


Are you running a retail store? Are you selling sports equipment? Are you running a coffee shop?
Whatever be your business type in Oregon, you need a business insurance to protect your business. Any sickness or accident may result in the form of a lawsuit against you. A business insurance alone can save you from these risks. Let us see what are the facilities available to provide business insurance in Oregon.

Small Business Insurance Oregon:

Small businesses in Oregon employ many of its residents and small business is very much popular in Oregon. It is crucial for these small businesses to have small business insurance Oregon to protect them from all possible risks.

Types of Small Business Insurance Offered in Oregon:

There are many top leading insurance companies functioning in Oregon to offer all types of business insurance to the business community. Oregon small business insurance requirements are as follows.

Business Owners Policy:

This is commonly referred as BOP and this combines business property insurance and business liability insurance into a single policy. This BOP will protect your business from from claims resulting from fire, burglary or other covered perils. This can also safeguard you from bodily damage liability and property damage liability. Another advantage is that you can customize this policy to your business insurance needs.

Commercial Auto Insurance:

One cannot run business without using vehicles for commercial purposes. This insurance coverage will help paying claims if there is any property damage, medical expenses and especially if the accident is fatal. Whether you own or lease or rent vehicles to be used for your business purposes, then you need this type of insurance. Your truck may hit a pedestrian or it damages a public property by hitting against it. This insurance will cover the expenses that result from such accidents.

Professional Liability Insurance:

When your company is found negligent in the services provided to the customers, this insurance will take care of the resulting expenses and claims of lawsuits. By your negligence, you may face costly legal repercussions and this insurance will cover the damage claims awarded by the courts as well as legal expenses. Real estate professionals, auditors, accountants, engineers, architects, lawyers and the like will come under the purview of this insurance coverage.

Business Income Insurance:

Sometimes, your company may be forced to close your operations temporarily due to a covered peril and naturally you will incur loss of income. This insurance coverage will make good the loss of income until you are back in your business. Your business can continue to cover expenses including bills and wages to employees till you recover from the damage.

Besides the above, there are some more types of insurance coverages offered by all leading insurance providers. You can consult an experienced agent and ensure what are the insurance coverages, you need for your business type.

Small Business Insurance in Portland, Oregon:

All types of small business insurance Portland Oregon required for small businesses are offered by reputed insurance companies and agencies in Portland, Oregon. Some of the business insurance providers in Portland are Greenberg and Associates Insurance, PRL Insurance, State Farm, Farmers Insurance and much more.

Small Business Health Insurance:

As far as small business health insurance requirements Oregon is concerned, Oregon does not have the facility such as online small business health options programs (SHOP).
But, the business establishments still can offer small business health insurance Oregon coverage to their employees. Any small business with one to 50 employees can buy a certified plan directly from one among the participating insurance providers. Moreover, small business with fewer than 25 full time employees could be eligible for for the small business health insurance Oregon health care tax credit.

Small Business Insurance in Bend, Oregon:

Bend is the Central Oregon's largest city. Running a business in any place is a major responsibility that involves many risks in various forms. It is your responsibility to look after day to day affairs of your business and ensure that they run smoothly. You are also accountable for your employees and keep them properly insured from injuries and damages. There are many insurance companies and agencies such as "Century Insurance Group" to take care of small business insurance Bend Oregon.

Commercial general liability insurance can prevent major financial losses if your business is sued or held legally responsible for damages and injuries done to third parties. You can reimburse most of the medical expenses, attorney fees, legal settlements and the like when you are sued for the legal remedies by the affected parties. For instance one of your products may be defective and may cause bodily injury to a customer. Or else, your employee may damage one of the valuable properties of a customer when he or she is assigned to attend a work at a client's residence. All these acts will result in lawsuits or damage claims. General liability insurance coverage will provide cover on all these situations.

Small business insurance Bend Oregon have varieties of insurance options such as garage keepers liability and employment practices liability. For instance, if you run a auto service and repair station, you may have to park the vehicles that come for service or repairs in your garages. Garage keepers insurance will provide cover the damages to the vehicles caused by fire, theft, vandalism and other types of damages. Employment practices liability will come to your rescue, if an employee's legal rights are violated.

As a business owner, you are the fittest person to judge your business insurance requirements. This is because you are aware of the risks involved in running your business. Of course, an experienced agent can also help you in getting the right business insurance coverage after being explained about your insurance requirements and risks.


You may be a sole proprietor of a business. But, a lot of employees and their families are depending on your business for their livelihood. You have to save your business and at the same time look after the welfare of your staff, when they are in distress. Only a proper business insurance can save your business as well as the safety of your staff members. You have a big responsibility. Insure your business immediately, if not done already, and remain as a saviour.